Delivering 5 days

Delivering 5 days

From the 19th of May we are delivering 5 days (tuesdays to saturdays) to areas as follows.

Delivery days

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

Please note we are closed on MONDAYS.

On the web shop you can buy from our stocks in Holland by clicking on FLOWERS DIRECT, PLANTS DIRECT & SUNDRIES DIRECT.

The web shop opens

  • Tuesday delivery: Sunday 3PM – midnight & Monday 1AM – 10 AM
  • Wednesday delivery: Monday 3PM – midnight & Tuesday 1AM – 10AM
  • Thursday delivery: Tuesday 3PM – midnight & Wednesday 1AM – 10AM
  • Friday delivery: Wednesday 3PM – midnight & Thursday 1AM – 10AM
  • Saturday delivery: Thursday 3PM – midnight & Friday 1AM – 10AM

When buying flowers there is a choice to buy the whole bucket or by the bunch; the bunch being slightly dearer. Please check your quantities in your shopping cart.
All your orders are picked and packed in Holland and shipped directly out to you via our Hub in Nottingham. This way we aim to get your flowers to you fresher with as little handling as possible.

Pre-order forms

As previous weeks you can also order must-haves on the pre-order forms for relevant delivery dates as stated on the web shop.This service is not available on the App, so must be accessed on line.
There is a huge selection of flowers on the pre-order lists, which we can then buy for you. Even though the prices shown are estimated, the majority of them are fairly accurate.
A confirmation email will be sent to you following your purchase.


Sundries are available from Nottingham stocks which you can buy for next day delivery as before. In recent days we have been able to re-stock and most items are available now in Nottingham.

All orders placed will be delivered to your shop or your home address if requested. Please note that the unit remains closed for cash & carry and customer collections.

Some of you may have experienced a few issues with the new system during the lock down period. The teams in Holland and Nottingham are working very hard to service you the best we can under these circumstances. We thank you for your patience and loyalty, please get in touch if you have any questions or problems and we will endeavour to resolve any of your issues.

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