5% Discount

5% Discount

* Are you a weekly Flowervision customer ?

Do you spent £750+ per week ?

* Would you like 5% discount ?

The Team at Flowervision Nottingham are always looking for ways to save you money, for our weekly customers who spend over £750 per week (Monday to Sunday) and who pay their previous weeks invoice by Wednesday, we will credit your account with the 5% discount on your weeks total invoices.

* For example is you spend £350 Monday, £400 Wednesday and £250 Friday ,total weekly sales of £1000, and you pay your invoices by the following Wednesday, you account will be credited with £50 and will appear on you next invoice before VAT is deducted (making it a saving of £60)


Any queries the team at Nottingham will be happy to let you know how this offer could save you some money.

Offer applies to all sales, Cash & Carry flowers, plants & sundries & Holland Direct, flowers,plants & sundries .

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